Yukon Gear Hunting Pants- Great product Great price

Picking the right hunting pants for men or women can be a long drawn out process.  I believe that the Yukon Gear insulated pants are the best ones to consider.

Places to buy: online, Canadian Tire, Other Sporting Good Retailers

Price is $50 and up

Mossy oak camouflage design


What makes these pants so good?

With the insulated legs in these pants they are great for those cold hunting days where you are stationary for long periods of times. Thus is a great benefit as it prevents from having to dress in multiple layers.

You can beat the price on these pants either. With a starting price of $50 you can’t go wrong. Considering the high price of the competitors pants that start at $149.99 and can easily exceed $200, you are saving a great deal of money and getting a product that is just as good.

These pants great features include a elastic waist, 4 pockets, waterproof and breathable. With these pants being waterproof you can expect to stay dry all day, and with them being breathable you aren’t going to need to worry about sweating and getting a chill while you are sitting in one place.

The 4 pockets that are one these pants are just the right amount. You get a back pocket, 2 sides, and a leg pocket. This is more than enough to carry anything that you would need for easy access. The pockets are deep so you don’t need to worry about losing anything, and the side pocket is a button close pocket for added security.

The elastic waist in these pants are great for a comfortable fit all around and the belt loops allow for you to put on a belt with little to no issues. These loops are big and makes it easy to put on your belt. The one thing I would say these pants is that they fit a little bigger than most so you might want to consider getting a size smaller than normal.

These pants are made from a polyester material, and have 240 grams of brushed poly tricot. These makes these pants durable and easy to care for. Simply wash and tumble dry whenever they need to be cleaned.

Hunting pants are an item that gets forgotten about and I believe these Yukon Gear insulated pants are the best pants to get. With all the benefits of the more expensive pants you can’t go wrong. They have the same look and feel at a fraction of the cost.

I’d appreciate any comments about this review so feel free to leave them below. I’ll respond to any questions or comments that are left.

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