Wilderness Camping Gear – 10 Most Needed items

When in the wilderness you need to be prepared for a possible night out under the stars. Whether this is by choice or not it is vital that you are prepared. Even the most experience outdoors person can find themselves in a struggle for warmth and survival if he/she isn’t careful. Below you are going to find a list of wilderness camping gear that I believe will help you on those overnight excursions in the great outdoors.

. . . . . . . Backpacks are essential for long outdoor hikes or hunting trips. They make carrying your most needed items dry and keeps everything dry. They distribute the weight of a lot of gear evenly. A good backpack should have strong straps and stitching to handle heavy loads.

A durable water bottle is a must. These bottles get banged around lots and therefore should be able to stand up to the wear of a tough day of hiking.

A change of good clothes. Clothes that can move the sweat away from your body will keep you warmer and dryer. If outdoor for multiple days then a change is very important. These clothes come in many materials. The Under Armour brand is an excellent choice for base layers.

Don’t forget about a set of camping pots and pans. These should be durable, easy to clean, and not be bulky. As these are going to put in your backpack you don’t want them to take up room that could be used for some other stuff.

Sleeping bags speak for themselves. Most important in the cooler months, they can save your life. If you want to get in touch with the wilderness then don’t use one. Just remember the you are going to be dealing with mosquitoes and other bugs in the warmer months and cold temperatures in fall and winter. Go for a waterproof and temperature rated bag that is suitable for the time of year.

Foot ware will not only keep you comfortable during you days in the wilderness but it can make your days enjoyable. Let’s face it your feet take a beating each and every day so don’t take this piece lightly. You will regret it later. I’ve been there and it’s not something anyone wants to deal with.

A good lighter is a life saver. Fire since it was discovered 1000’s of years ago has made man kind more relaxed. Unless, you want to spend time a rub two sticks together to create fire then get yourself a lighter. Ensure it is a steel case lighter to handle to bumping and banging it can go through. Let’s face fire gives warmth and can be security in the wilderness as animals don’t like it.

Having a proper knife is worth it’s weight in gold. Don’t under estimate a good knife. It can be used for cutting firewood, cleaning any animals you may have harvested, and can be used for defense of any wild animals that may stray to close to you and your campsite.

Dehydrated food serves as an essential energy source. If you don’t feel like hunting or just don’t want to pack a lot of bulky food items, then these survival packs are a good substitute

Your coat or jacket that you are wearing is vital. Use one that is season appropriate. It is going to keep you warm and dry, and protect you from any brush that you may be walking through.


No one should be overwhelmed by spending a night out in the wilderness. I know this can be a scary and very traumatizing experience when not prepared. We can’t control what will happen all the time, BUT we can be prepared. A simple day hike can lead to a long night, or nights. A simple twist of the ankle, slide down a hill, or you just get off your trail and get turned around, can lead to this example.

Remember preparation is the key, and enjoy yourself. You will feel alive and free during this day, night or week, and it is going to provide you with memories for years.

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