Men’s Hunting Clothes – Make The Right Choice

Making the right choice in hunting clothes can be a crucial decision in your preparation. You will read below the things to consider when buying men’s hunting clothes. You are going to discover why the right clothing can make a big difference in your outdoor experience.

Why it is important

Picking the right men’s hunting clothes is important for several reasons. The right clothes depend on the individual and how he or she deals with the conditions. Your main goal in getting your clothes is if they are going to keep you warm, cool, and dry. If you can find clothing that fits in these categories then you are going to have an enjoyable outdoor experience, as with hunting trips you could be outside for up to 6 to 8 hours while experiencing all sorts of weather.

Different types of clothing

When it comes to men’s hunting clothes there are several types that you are going to need and you are going to find a list below.

1. Coat

2. Pants

3. Boots and socks

4. Hat or toque

5. Shirts and under clothing

6. Gloves

7. Backpack

Your coat is going to be one of your most important piece of clothing. It is going to be your main source to keep your core dry and protecting you from those cool winter winds or those warm fall and spring days. Your coat should be lightweight, be breathable, not bulky, and have enough pockets for easy access to other items you may need such as extra ammunition, gloves, and snacks just to name a few.

Pants are just as important. To pick the right ones they must fit properly. They can also be made of lightweight material, be water and wind proof and have a lining to provide extra warmth for the cooler days.

Keeping your feet warm, dry and comfortable is very important. Pick a boot that is waterproof, has a cushioned some and is rated for cold or warmer temperatures depending on the season you are hunting in. Your socks should be appropriate to the season as we and be able to stay up on your leg without getting that annoying sock ball in your boot.

Your hat and toque should be comfortable to wear and not to block your hearing. Hearing and sight will be your most important factors needed to hunt, while your clothing keeps you warm.

Shirts and under clothing’s are extremely valuable. Dress in layers so you can remove some if you get to hot or add if you are too cold. This under clothing should be a mixture of lightweight and breathable to mid weight clothing. I would suggest a t shirt for one layer and a slightly heavier sweeter if hunting in the cooler seasons. You can also wear a shirt that allows your sweat to be pulled away from your body as an extra layer. This would help keep you dry and warmer.

Gloves should be warm and not bulky. Reasons for this is that it allows you to fire your weapon in cold temperatures without freezing your hands. Your gloves should be rated to withstand cold temperatures as well or be comfortable to wear if needed in warmer seasons. Gloves are a personal choice and only you are going to know what Is appropriate for you.

Your backpack can be your own personal survival bag. It can carry all the essentials you need like food, knives, extra clothing and ammo and any sleeping bags and all other survival equipment you may need. Your backpack shouldn’t be under valued. It should be lightweight, be comfortable to wear, and have enough pockets for easy access to stuff you will need.


Type of Hunting Season

When it comes to hunting seasons and picking out the proper men’s hunting clothing you need to consider what you are going to be hunting. For example if you are deer hunting you may want to consider a jacket that is bright orange, as compared to a turkey hunt where a camouflage outfit is needed. Also, it is advisable to check in on the rules and regulations for the area you are hinting in. All provinces and states can have different regulations and they must be followed.

Don’t spend a fortune

When purchasing your clothing you don’t need to spend a fortune for your clothes. Just keep in mind that there are benefits to the different types and each is going to cost a bit more. Yes you can go and spend over $500 on hunting clothes but it really isn’t necessary. Spend your money where it makes sense. For example spend your money on a good coat but save on gloves etc. No need to spend $100 on a pair of gloves.


Taking the time to plan ahead and preparing for the hunt is vital step. What you’ve learned from this article is not just to throw on any old piece of clothing to go on your hunt. It’s about having the right clothes for the hunt you are participating in. Dressing properly will not just make you more comfortable, it’s going to allow you to experience the great outdoors to the fullest.

So get out there and enjoy yourself, spend time with your family and make some memories. Enjoy the clean air and all the wildlife you are going to see.





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  1. Love the article! You make many great points! I made the mistake of improperly dressing for hunting and there’s nothing worse than being out in the woods with too much clothing. Sweating too much will surely lead to becoming cold quickly. Thanks for the article!

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