Hunting Gear for Dogs – How to protect them

There are a lot of people out there who don’t think of their furry friends while they are out in the wilderness. Most of us don’t think of them,and the wear on their bodies and keeping them safe. If you are like me you have used you dog as a tool for some kind of hunting. From deer, boar, or even pheasants you four legged friend is a valuable tool in you hunts. This is why the proper hunting gear for dogs are important to have.

Your dog can end up with cuts on the paws, injuries to their bodies from fighting with another animal and can get lost from tracking another animal. All of these circumstances can be harmful to you dog and can even kill you dog. As we never want to see our furry friends get injured, it is up to us to keep them safe and as free from injury as possible. Let’s face it, dogs are curious and are naturally going to get themselves into situations that could harm them.

You may be asking yourself what type of protective gear you can get for you dog to keep them safe. I’ll discuss these items in detail below.

There are three items you can get to prevent the three scenarios mentioned above. These items are boots for dog, a protective vest and a GPS dog collar. All of these items are going to protect your friend and ensure they come home safe.

When it comes to boots for you dog there are a lot to choose from. These boots can range from a rubber boot to a full rugged nylon boot with leather padding. I’ve used pretty much all types and believe that the best boots are the rugged style made by Ultra Paws. Muttluks makes a style that are similar but I find the Ultra Paws brand easier to put on. These boots have a thick leather sole and are made with a durable polyester material. With the Velcro straps that allow you to tighten and loosen the boot to get you dog the best fit. Muttluks brand does the same thing but they have a sock attached which I find makes it extremely hard to put on. Both these brands are also waterproof.

While you dog is running around they the forest these boots are going to protect against sharp sticks, broken glass or anything else you little friend can step on. Because they have a thick leather sole and the boot comes up the leg a bit you don’t have to worry about the paws or legs getting cut up, and causing you pooch to be laid up for days while they heal. You are probably thinking that this is a bit extreme, but if you have ever experience this you know it can be hard on you dog. The great thing about these boots is that they can be used all year long. I use these boots for my Golden Retriever while in walks in the winter time as well. Her feet get very cold and then she lifts her paws. With her boots on she can walk around when it is minus 40 outside.

These boots come in several styles. From traction, durable, and rugged. Traction style is for light use for inside on hardwood and outside. Durable style is for normal walking outside and rugged is for running around in the bush. All of these boots come in different sizes from small to x-large. They come as a set of four. You well need to measure you dogs paw to find out which size to get. Sometimes your dogs front paws and rear paws are different in size so the purchase of two different sizes may be required.

Protective coat for you dog is extremely important depending on the type of game you are hunting. The biggest use of these coats are when you are boar hunting (wild pigs). Because these animals have tusks that they use as weapons to defend themselves. A properly padded coat for you dog can save its life. Wild boars tusks are extremely sharp and they can deliver a fatal blow to you companion. This can happen in a blink of an eye because dogs can get really close to this type of wild game, and they often end up frightening with the pig.

These types of coats come in different sizes, and colors. I suggest a color like bright red or orange. These colours well make it easy for you to spot him/her in thick brush, and gives you a faster response time to get to them. Although these types of coats aren’t 100% guaranteed to keep you friend safe, it does increase the chances a lot that they won’t get severely injured. These vests should fit your dog snug and be strapped on at the top of you dogs back.

Several companies make these vests, but to get the best one we’ll depend on if you dog likes the way it feels on him/ her. Whatever brand you buy ensure it is durable, padded leg holes and can be adjusted as needed. There are several types of these vests for all different situations. From boat riding and walking, to bird and big game hunting. No matter what you are doing there is a vest out there for you dog. Whether it’s for protection or for warmth I highly recommend getting one if these vests.

The final piece of equipment for you furry pet to keep them safe is an electronic GPS. Dogs by nature like to run, and when they start tracking that animal they can go for miles and even get lost. Yes this can happen, just think of how many animals don’t make it home because they aren’t sure where they are. By using a GPS with the radio collar it allows you to track you furry friend and you can go and pick them up. This also prevents them from spending the night out in the wilderness in the elements. Remember you dog is like family, and they want nothing else than to be with you and spend the night resting in familiar environment.

In conclusion hunting gear for dogs, is how you can protect you dog from the things that can happen out in the wilderness. Pretty much everyone forgets about their dog when they get ready for the hunt. Preparing to keep them safe ensures they well make it home safely at the end of each day.

I hope you found this article helpful, and I encourage you to leave any comments below.

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