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I’d like to talk about proper foot ware for the out doors. Every hunter has experienced what I am going to discuss. Imagine yourself having a great day in the wilderness, the sky is blue, the air is crisp and you are waiting to see that game animal so you can get your adrenaline moving. You have been out for hours standing or sitting in one spot and then it hits you. At first, you think nothing of it, but then the cold sits in and your toes feel like ice. You try moving around, wiggling our toes to try to warm them up but it doesn’t work. You can’t light a fire because that could ruin your chances of getting that trophy buck, moose or whatever wild game you are after.

Freezing like this is an annoyance, and it most certainly is going to ruin your day. It’ll make you think about why you even came out today, or how could you have prevented this from happening to begin with. Fortunately the solution to this problem is simple. Like a lot of hunters myself included, we have thought that just throwing on any set of boots and a couple pair of socks will do the trick. For those short outings this usually works, but for all day outings you quickly realize that you need something better.

Let’s figure out now what benefits we would need in a great hunting boot. I have owned many pairs of hunting boots in my life and I believe that the 6 criteria below are the most important when picking out a great hunting boot.

1. Warmth

2. Lightweight 

3. Comfort

4. Waterproof

5. Tread

6. How high the boot comes up your leg

Now why are these 6 criteria so important?

Warmth is obvious why it is important, but having a boot that is to warm can be an issue to. Make sure your boot that you buy is rated for the temperatures that you are going to be hunting in. Chances are that you won’t need aboot the is rated for -40 when it is going to be plus 10, and also if it is -20 you don’t want to be wearing something for warmer temperatures. You might be asking who hunts in freezing temperatures like this, but here in Canada depending on the season, it happens frequently .

Weight of your foot ware is very important. The last thing you want here is to be walking around for hours with what can feel like cement blocks on your feet. This not only puts strain on your legs, but it can also make you tired faster. The good thing here is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality.

Everyone is different, and comfort is different for everyone. Some people like a tight-fitting boat, and some like a loser fit. No matter how you like them just make sure that they don’t hurt your feet and that you have the appropriate movement in them. If, you don’t have comfort you can get foot ache, and leg ache during your hunt. At the same time your boot should have cushioned in them to help absorb shock while walking. If, find that your boot is getting a little hard on the feet, maybe try adding an insole that provides an adequate softness.

Ensuring your feet stay dry throughout the day is vital. You are guaranteed to get cold freezing feet if your boots can’t keep the water out. Hunting boots these days have this feature built in, but some are better than others. Some water proofing from the manufactures can only last a few months while others can last years. If your waterproofing wears off don’t worry, you can go to pretty much any store to buy a can, and spray your boots again.

Tread on your foot ware is like the tires on your car. They can be hard, medium, and soft. They can clean themselves while you are walking to prevent slipping, and you can have different tread for different terrain that you’re in. This is a personal feel, and choice but most manufacturers use a tread that works best on the boot for the type of season it is. You will have softer tread for winter and a harder tread for say summer.

, how high does your boot come up your leg. This has a lot of purpose behind it. If, you are walking in a field that is dryer than say a forest with swamp and creeks, then you may only need a boot that comes up past the ankle. Now for swampy areas you may consider a boot that comes up higher on the calf to assist with keeping water out, and maybe to tuck your pant legs in to keep them dry as well. Comfort again is important, because if you don’t like a high rising boot you may need to sacrifice dryness or just watch where you are steeping.

Following these six criteria will help you when the time comes to purchase your new hunting boots but what brand can you buy that offers all of these features. My choice is Columbia. Columbia offers a wide variety of boots with all these features. The quality in their foot ware is by far the best in my opinion. They are reasonably priced, made extremely well, and can last for years. If, you have never owned a pair of Columbia boots I suggest that your next pair should be. You won’t be disappointed.

I thank you for reading this article, and I encourage any comments below.

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  1. Interesting read, even for non-hunter such as myself. Having the right kind of footwear for any situation is important. Great article, keep them coming 🙂

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