Big and Tall Hunting Clothes – It doesn’t have to be difficult

Knowing if you are a big and tall person can make all difference when you go to purchase big and tall hunting clothes. Unfortunately most people get caught up and the regular sizing for these clothes and usually have a hard time getting clothes that fit properly. Most of us have been there, with racks of shirts, sweaters, and pants, only to try them on, and find out that the shirts and sweaters are to tight around the chest and neck and the arms and body of the shirt or sweeter is too short. It’s just as bad with pants where you have the right waist size but the leg length is too short and vice versa. Oh it gets worst, once you try on these clothes that don’t fit you go back to the rack only to find out there is nothing in the size you need.

I am going to help you decide if you should go to a big and tall size, and how to determine what size you really are.

Myths behind Big and Tall Clothes

There are many myths out there that says just because you are bigger or taller than most that you need to settle for clothes that are not exactly what you like. You are lead to be leave that there are only a hand full of stores that you can shop at, and when you do you are going to pay upwards to 20% to 30% more for you big and tall hunting clothes. These myths not true and if you do you homework you can find great deals online, at reputable sites.

What determines if you are a big and tall person

Trying to find big and tall hunting clothes doesn’t have to be difficult. But first you need to understand what classifies you as a big and tall individual. We all know you typical sizing S, M, L, XL. XXL, XXXL for shirts and coats etc, and waist size 28″ to 44″for pants. Anything above these sizes in a typical store is considered big and tall. So how do you know if you should buy tall or big clothing. It’s really simple! You should get Tall if you are 6′ 2″ or taller and you waist measures less than you chest. You should get Big if you are 6′ 2″ or shorter and you waist measures the same or larger than you chest.

I’ve done a sizing chart below for shirts, pants, gloves and hats. The charts below are just a guideline but they will help in you decisions.

Sizing for TALL(for being 6,2″ and taller)


Size                  Neck                     Sleeve.                  Chest                              Waist

LT                   16- 16.5″                37-38″               42- 44″                        38- 40
XLT               16- 16.5″                37- 38″              42- 44″                        38- 40

1XLT             17 -17.5″               37.5- 38.5           56- 48″                       42- 44

2XLT           18- 18.5″               38- 39″               50- 52″                        46- 48

3XLT           19- 19.5″              38.5- 39.4           54- 56″                       50- 52

4XLT          20- 20.5″              39 – 40                58- 60″                       54- 56

5XLT          21 – 22″                 39.5- 40.5″        62- 64″                      58- 60

6XLT          23 – 24″                40 – 41″              66- 68″                      62- 64

7XLT          25 – 26″               40.5- 41.5″         70- 72″                       66- 68


Sizing for BIG (6″1″ and shorter)


Size                  Neck                        Sleeve                        Chest                         Waist

XL.                16- 16.5″                  34- 35″                    42- 44″                     38- 40″

1XL               17- 17.5″                  34.5- 35.5″             46- 48″                     40- 42

2XL              18- 18.5″                  35- 36″                    50- 52″                     44- 46″

3XL              19-19.5″                  35.5- 36.5″             54- 56″                     48- 50

4XL             20- 20.5″                36- 37″                    58- 60″                     52- 54

5XL             21 -22″                    36.5- 37.5″             62- 64″                     56- 58

6XL            22 -23″                    37- 38″                    66- 68″                     60- 62

7XL            24- 25″                   37.5- 38.5″              70- 72″                      64- 66

8XL           26- 27″                   38- 39″                     74- 76″                      68- 70

You will notice that in the tall sizing there is a “T” as the last letter. This just means it is a “Tall” sizing.


Size        Hand Circumference              Hat Size                Head Measurement

L                          9.5″

XL                       10″                                    7.5″ -7 5/8″                     23 5/8″

2XL                    10.5″                                7 3/4″ – 7 7/8″                24.5″

3XL                    11″                                    8 – 8 1/8″                          25 1/4″

4XL                   11.5″                                8 1/4″ – 8 3/8″                26″

How to measure you body to determine you size

To measure you body you are going to need a clothing tape measure.

Neck: Wrap the tape measure just below the Adam’s apple and place 2 fingers between you neck and the tape measure. Get you size and inch’s. If you size isn’t on the chart get the next size up.

Chest: Measure from the middle of you chest and around you body. Don’t pull the tape measure tight, but leave it a little loose.

Sleeves: You need to bend you arm 90 degrees and rest you hand on you hip. Have someone measure from the top of you shoulder down the outside of you arm and around you elbow and down to you wrist. It’s ok to around up here as a little long is better than too short.

Pants: Measure around you waist starting at you belly button. For leg length measure you inseam. You do this by starting at you groin and measuring down to you ankle. If you want to go with a longer pant leg you can. You can always adjust them later.

Hats: To Measure you size wrap the tape measure around you head. Make sure it us about an inch to an inch and a half above you ears.

Gloves: All of you fingers should be tight together, excluding you thumb. Start in the middle of you palm and circle around over top of you knuckles, and then back to you palm.


Taking the time to measure you body before shopping online can make you purchases easier, and prevent returns. Because of the limited stores in most cities for big and tall people, online shopping is getting to me more beneficial.

You shouldn’t be limited to what you can buy just because of you body shape.






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